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"Dr. Geller is a very intuitive healer with a lot of clarity. The work he did on me in just one session was profound. He has a gift for creating safety that allows his patients to reach new levels of healing. I'm grateful for our interaction and the impact it has had on me. Only come see him if you are ready to move past old habits or limiting beliefs and commit to creating the life you want"

L. Christina F - Salt Lake City, UT 

“Dr. Geller is an amazing healer. His compassion, respectfulness, and individualized attention make him stand out as one of the most impactful doctors I have come across. I’ve been working with Dr. Geller for five months so far. In that time we have been able to get at the core of some chronic health issues. I say “we” because Dr. Geller’s methods of healing are truly a team effort. He is a fantastic coach and guide, supporting me in my health journey.”

Jenna S - Portland, OR

“Dr. Geller's style of medicine is like nothing I have experienced before. He was able to address my health concerns by asking my own subconscious and coming up with solutions that have blown me away. I do not know how TBM works, but I do know that it is working and I am so grateful to have found him as a practitioner."

Anonymous - Portland, OR  

“Dr. Geller went above and beyond my expectations. I was fortunate enough to find him and since starting care, I have never felt better. I now know what true health and wellness feels like. The work he does is nothing short of profound. He knew exactly what my body needed and when. I’m so very grateful for him and his wealth of knowledge.  Thank you Dr. Geller for piecing me back together again!”

Lacee M - Portland, OR

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