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  • Doctorate of Naturopathic Medicine 

Growing up outside of Boston Massachusetts, I was exposed to allopathic (Western medicine) from an early age.  It seemed that medicine was defined as sports physicals, pills for when you are sick, and surgery for when something needs to be fixed.  So, after significantly injuring my knee while skiing in college, I turned to surgery and physical therapy (PT). However, after one year of dedicated PT and continued swelling, pain, and limited range of motion, I knew there had to be something besides more surgery and physical therapy. 

It wasn’t until migrating to the West that I found natural or alternative medicine which provided me with more than enough solutions for my lingering knee pain.  After three months of a guided nutritional protocol, yoga, and two injections of platelet rich plasma, I was pain-free with virtually no swelling and with full range of motion in the same knee that bothered me for years!


Through this experience I was surprised that these two options worked as well as they did.  I found myself asking: What else could yoga help with? How exactly do these injections work?  What else could I be doing to help my health? Having more questions than answers, I started researching and found an education, a degree, and a license that matched many of the questions I had.  Finding Naturopathic medicine was a perfect fit because it provided a foundational understanding of how the body works and taught me how to understand and treat the the root of causes of disease using natural therapies. I am excited to work with people everyday to teach them how natural therapies can truly help guide the body to heal, especially if Western medicine has not provided the relief they had hoped for.   

National University of Natural Medicine, Portland OR - 2014

Prerequisits for Medicine

Cleveland Chiropractic College, Los Angeles CA 2007-2008

  • Bachelor of Science

University of Vermont, Burlington VT - 2000

Recreation Management (Major)

Consumer Marketing & Advertising (Minor)

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