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30 minutes

This free 30 min consultation is for potential new patients interested in GroundBreaking Health. This is a question and answer session with no medical advice provided.  In person, web or phone.


Initial consultation includes: reviewing your intake paperwork, discussion with physical exams and an introduction to muscle testing.  Included with the New Patient Visit is a separate 30-60min Review of Findings appointment where you are provided a health status report and the opportunity for discussion about your health and what care might look like moving forward.


For all new patients as an option after their initial consultation that are committed to their health and setting the foundation for their goals. This package includes 5, 1 hour sessions in creating a solid foundation for the price 5 individual visits, a 15% savings! If not all 5 sessions are used for foundational work, the remaining visits are automatically put towards future visits.

Half Session

30 Minute Visit

The Half Session is a 30min appointment available to existing patients that have completed the first series of foundational work.

The Full Session is a 1 hour appointment. This is open to any patient looking to accomplish more with their healing with each visit to the clinic.  This is the standard visit.

Full Session

60 Minute Visit

30 minutes

Similar to a Chiropractic adjustment with a Naturopathic twist. This option is only available for existing patients. This service includes joint mobilizations, stretching techniques and
mild massage.


30 minuets 

An amazing procedure done for moving the joints within the face.  A balloon is inserted into each of the 6 nasal passages and inflated bringing instant relief from jaw pain, migraines / headaches, deviated septum and breathing problems such as snoring to name a few.

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