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Welcome patients of Mountain Spring Health & Dr. Tony Murczek

Thank you for considering continuing your unique and individualized healthcare with Groundbreaking Health. 
Dr. Tony IS the reason why I chose to practice Naturopathic Medicine the way I do, primarily using Muscle Testing and systems (Total Body Modification & Creative Emotional Wizardry) to give the greatest perspective, understanding and treatment options for your unique health concerns.  Dr. Tony has been one of my greatest mentors in health.  We have known and worked with each other for nearly a decade.  
I am offering all patients of Mountain Spring Health a complimentary 30 Minute Discovery Session where you have the opportunity to better understand my approach to your health and ask any questions.  Simply fill in the "contact" link below or call to schedule your Discovery Session. 
I look forward to meeting you!
- Dr. Geller
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