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If you are experiencing mild anxiety from work, home life or social situations to something as significant as occasional panic attacks, we are here to help.   Living with anxiety or depression can be incredibly lonely and polarizing.....

This does NOT have to be your experience

Whether you have been living most of your life or recently experiencing Anxiety and or Depression, together we acknowledge, understand and create a plan to move beyond a life affected by Anxiety or Depression naturally.  

YOU are the focus, not just your symptoms.  If we concentrate on just the symptoms we miss the whole picture & if you can't appreciate the whole story then the ability to move forward looks more like chasing your tail.

The Journey out of Anxiety or Depression

How would your life be different without anxiety and or depression? 


Step 1: Your experience

Your experience is unique and typically there are a variety of things that got you to this place in life.  My goal is to understand as best as possible all these different factors, making your “story” is crucial. 


Step 2: Identify Triggers

Everyone has different things that affect anxiety and / or depression.  When we list out all the triggers that you are aware of (and maybe even some you are not aware of), it can be not only relieving but empowering.   


Step 3: Vision & Goals

How do you want to live your if there wasn’t anxiety or depression? What are some of the experiences you want to have beyond the anxiety or depression?  Creating the framework of a solid vision and your goals is one of the most important steps of overcoming anxiety and depression because it provides direction and makes what you want very clear.

Step 4: The Exam / Results / Findings

The exam is at the heart of this process.  It allows me to get the information needed so that we can create a customized process that is going to work for you as you move beyond your current experience.  We discuss the results and what I have identified as barriers to you moving forward from anxiety and depression. 


Step 5: Tools & Practice

Figuring out what specific tools are going to help you both during the process and after to continue your success over anxiety and depression are another critical part.  Using “your tools” as part of a creating a “practice” will empower you to not only take control but maintain a life without anxiety and depression.    


Step 6: The Plan

Now that we have put all the cards on the table, discussed what is or could be standing in the way, establishing the “tools & practice” we create a clear plan of how we are going to overcome the anxiety and depression

If you are ready to start your journey out of anxiety or depression, call 503.305.9385 and lets explore how I can help.

Are you interested in a tool to help you reduce anxiety in the moment?

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