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GroundBreaking Health Clinic focuses on providing specialized care to individuals searching for answers and solutions for anxiety and depression. Empowering patients in manifesting what they want from their
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You are not alone….


Anxiety has been a common thread throughout all my life.  From a young child I remember never wanting the teacher to call on me and if it did happen, my mind would go blank and not be able to answer the question, even though I usually had or knew the answer.  I assumed it was nerves and most people felt that way as well.  Later in life, testing was my greatest source of stress or anxiety.  Instantly sweating, not being able to read the question or make sense of it, going blank and then quickly thinking about how my grades would suffer or not passing the class was the repetitive story.  It was exhausting.     


The teen years are tough for most and after dealing with depression in high school and then again in college, I knew that although medications (SSRI’s & SNRI’s) helped bring me out of my own darkness, I felt numb most of the time.  Life was happening but I wasn’t participating, which made me appreciate the effects of the medications in the short term but it was not the “end all, be all” for my life.   There had to be a significant change and staying as far away from the constant cloud that lived over me was the first goal. 


The dream of moving beyond depression and most anxiety became my reality.  My desire to help others live a life without depression, anxiety or the medications involved with either are driven from personal experience.  I knew that if I could create real change with my relationship to depression and anxiety, I could help others.    



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